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At Avenue Eat & Drink we use Braveheart Prime Black Angus beef in most of our customers favorite beef dishes. From the Steak Burger to the Ribeye, Filet Mignon and Skirt Steak.

The reason why we use Braveheart is their commitments to quality and safety.

From the Braveheart Website:

Fearless Commitment to Quality

We are boldly dedicated to delivering premium, quality Black Angus beef products. As an innovator in premium beef, we offer a point of difference designed to boost your bottom line: a consistent, high yielding, delicious and indulgent experience.

Braveheart Black Angus cattle are specially selected to deliver only the finest beef. Our beef cattle are humanely raised in the Midwest on an all vegetarian, corn based diet for superior flavor and tenderness.

Safety First

One aspect of our quest to deliver superior beef is to do it with exceptional safety. We are committed to an unmatched level of safety not found in other premium beef programs. Braveheart utilizes the most up-to-date science and the most modern and effective processing techniques to ensure that Braveheart beef has the safest, highest quality and most consistent beef products anywhere. Our processing facilities are some of North America’s most state-of-the-art, where leading-edge quality, sanitation and safety standards are strictly enforced.

That makes Braveheart Beef the confident choice.

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